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dry hair and dull colour ? try this gals

i acctually use this product a  long time ago, i use when i didn’t have time to wash my hair xp or when i felt my hair is soooo dry, sunsilk damage hair treatment, its a good way to treat your hair.. especially if you’re oftenly paint your hair like mine… its so helpfull…

this is my review on this product, oh ya pardon for my face hahaha,,, being a tomboy, i never felt a need to taken care of it, so right now, there’s a lot to be done on it,,, once its full with acnes,,, so my pore is so big, there’s a acnes scar everywhere on my face 😛 but basicly im a narcist person, and when i post this blog, i don’t have any mood to photoshoped it 😛

the first photo is my hair before,, its so dry, unshine, and then i used the sunsilk damage treatment serum, because i have so many hair, i have to use 2 drops each use, normally it should be done only 1 drop, and the final result is on the last picture, can u tell the difference ?

PS : i don’t like writing so many thing on review, but i’ll post a lot of detail pictures 😉 hope you all like my review style, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment 😉


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