hai blogging world… i’m back :)

setelah lebih dari 2 tahun ga ngeblog dan blog gue di http://f3l1s14.blogspot.com/ terlantarkan akhirnya hari ini gue memutuskan untuk ngeblog lagi, yes, Felis ngeblog lagi… benernya uda lama banget mau balik ngeblog lagi, cm ga sempet ngetik, maklum kemarinnya sibuk ama kantor, sekarang uda free… alias nganggur bow,,, hahaha… masi ada freelance website ama fotografi sih, tapi yah hasilnya belum memadai seperti dulu lah,,,

oh well this lately i’m so into cosmetics… not many of you know, but i’m a tomboy girl, grew as a cosmetic hatter and doesn’t care about how i look haha… and now here i am 26 years old, and love everything about cosmetic, i have a bagfull of cosmetics in my room… but i still love plain look though… i just love it because i know that cosmetic can make woman feel more confident and pretty (if the application is right 🙂 that is)

my current profession makes me have to learn more about cosmetics, even though i’m more into digital make up artist, i still have to know the basic, especially because i need to use cosmetics if i have to go to my friends marriage…

so this blog is for my review of all the products i have, mostly maybelline because actually it was the first cosmetic that i buy 🙂 very love the natural tone lipstick that they have,,,, i’ll review it when i have time later 😉 after that i just can’t stop buying their products… i also trying other products like garnier, martha tilaar, etc, this lately i’m so into local cosmetics, i think that their ingredients is more suit our skin the best… especially for my dark tone skin (jeez should i mention it here ? (-_-“).. sigh )

anyway.. enjoy it girls… i’ll post everything i ever wear and try here 😉

if you have any question or anything i’ll be glad to answer it, just drop a question on my comment box 😉

thank you, catch you later 😀


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