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Great outfit needs more than just a good look !! you need to be able to improved it !!

i love that mini skirt and hotpants that’s trend right now.. but i dont have a pretty foot to wear them… what do i do ? i use a knee length socks or a thigh length socks… not just it covers my h not so good foot, it also make my look more edgy… hmm i havent got a new pictures from the looks yet, but i’ve taken my picture wearing them in the past 😀

me in a thigh length socks

i loved it 🙂

you can use it with anything i guess, i prepare you some lookbook to imitate :

this one is mine

and here’s from the internet :

Look sample from some artist and runway, got it from googling, and layout it, put some titles :

The varieties of thigh length socks

i hope its inspires you on a look, or making an entirely new look 😉

contact me if you have any difficulties or problem 🙂


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