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Putui n dewi’s wedding

Attending and photographing my friend’s wedding at sunlake hotel, regina caeli curch at PIK, and closing is at east star restaurant.

A tiredful morning, started at 6AM today, driving to sunlake hotel at sunter, i made it without losing way 🙂 and I do it my self, yaaaay, I’m so proud of myself this lately, going anywhere alone and searching for the street on the map. I loved it 🙂 and lately I’ve read the map myself, well dogie helps me also, but his part is getting smaller, a sign that I can do it better each time by myself. But at the end of the day, I found out that I took the long road, doooh ha3, oh well at least I made it.

The tepai ceremony started at 10AM. A series of family that gives the wed their bless and gifts, mostly angpao, necklace or bracelet, putui got several of rings also… Luckily we’re not the main photographer, so I don’t have to worried the missing part of the tepai ceremony, I only do the putui’s family tepai. As for dewi’s is shoot by cunz.

We going to church at 11.00 AM, wait for a little while, and then dogie come to join us. The church part is interesting, because it has so many textures, colors, depth, and etc to experiment while we take the photograph. So I love the church part the most.

We got home at 4. And go to the restaurant at 6 :p I got carried away with my newbie make up ha3… When we got out from my house, we found out that the car’s tire is flat, oh shoot, and we already late for the ceremony, but it was a very success wedding after all… Can’t wait to update the photos right away…

So stay tune for more update on part two 🙂 hopefully I can upload it tommorow…

Nity nite, time to sleep, its been a tiredful day…

Happy birthday again dogy 🙂


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