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My techno concept editing :)

get the picture from

my late night-dunno-what-to-do-cause-the-new-batch-of-work-just-finished i just want to refreshing for a while, plus there’s a techno photoconcept for the offbox photography photoshoot, i just feel kinda want to make a sample editing for it…

the final result :

The before and after of the picture :

Basicaly i’m only playing with brush and outer glow…

tell me which one do you like ??

it’s been a while since i’m doing digital imaging… ewww… hopefully it’s not that worse hahaha… oh well time to sleep 🙂

btw got a review for magic scarf, mix style headphone and blackberry portable charger and mini pink hair straightener.

wait for it then 🙂 got a lot things to do, including the new project i just got… wew,,, working my ass out here hahaha,….


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