domestic animals · photography · testing new lens

testing new lens :)

Buy a new lens on this tuesday, haven’t got much time to test it 🙂

oh well again, may fave model is here (not the guy, but the dog >_< isn’t she’s adorable 😛 many of may friends says otherwise… ugh.. whatever :P). so here it is 🙂 can you guess what lens that i bought ?? he3

Actually i want to buy the 17 – 40 at first, but when i use this lens, i love it 🙂 of course there will be a problem because the DOF is not that shallow… but i love the zoom lens ability 🙂 heheh.. not buying the 18 – 200 mm lens though, it’s sooo heavy, even when it’s cheaper, i think this lens will suit me juuuuuust fine 😀 i just have to find a way to light up the mood 🙂

i’ll try to make a review on this one 😀 wew i got a lot of review to write >_<

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