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hi ya there bloggie, long time no see :)

hasn’t update my blog for a long time 🙂 buying a few items, getting some of my wish list, a lot of things happen in this 3 few months,,, my birthday, all of new stuff that i bought, join the martial art center that’s also attended by Ferry, i joined their capoeira lesson, hahah..crazy isn’t it ? hopefully i’m not getting any injuries >_<

anyway, cut my hair before this year family reunion… really freshen me up, making me more edgy and more ME of course 🙂 just dye my hair red today, and love the result, looks a lot darker when wet, but i love it a little bit dark, i guess i will use a darker hair a few months from now… let’s just wait hehehe…

anyway this year is a very emotional birthday for me, since i’m not at Veelabs anymore, something different, a lot change, and i’m getting used to VL’s ritual every year, really really really missing them… all of them… but can’t do anything about it. once we’re out, we’re out.

anyway, let’s move on 🙂 all of it is part of my past now,,, this year, everybody seems so nice to me, what an interesting place for work 🙂 feel very comfortable with only a few months left for me. a little sad, but that’s my choice, reject a very important, very rarely, life changing offer, hope i won’t regret this, been thinkin about it for 3 weeks before rejected it. they’re so kind waiting for me to make my decision, God help me, hopefully i don’t make any foolish decision.

oh yeah post some picture from my birthday, a cake with very unique story in it, arhh i won’t tell it here la… it’s so embarrassing to tell… last year photograph for comparison 😛 hahaha… and my latest photograph (before i dyed my hair of course, today when i wake up in the afternoon i decide to dyed it, and i just did it just like that hahaha), picture from our family reunion, rafting, me posing 😛 haha…

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