personal life

just an update…

errrr… crazy week, crazy month, but hey, it’s fun, a lot of ups and downs, crazy act and a big thing happened, finally breaking up with him, it’s been a long time now, more than 6 years, finally i have a courage to do it, a little sad since i can’t be his friend anymore….

Having several more trips since my last post, been into a lot of pressure and mixed feeling about a lot of thing… well since this is my private blog, i also removed it from my FB, consider to unlink it from everywhere… or maybe i have to make a new blog, there’s a lot of thing that i love to write for personal notes… like my old blog…

just realized something, how i acted at the beginning of our relationship is sooo gross… i wonder how can i do that…

now everything is over, we’re business partner now… everyone’s moving on and so do we… thankfully he’s cool about that, thankfully i think he manages to handle it…well never felt like a couple since i don’t know when… so i’m like get used to it now…

dream about you last night… saw you waving to me saying goodbye, with your usual  smile that makes me falls for you since the first time we met… i felt that you’re going away, farther… this time is for real, i’m scared… i know i can’t have you… i know i can’t never see you again from now on… i always remembers you each time i’m alone… and suddenly my heart ache…

miss you with all my heart… why you never come… why you never BBM me again 😐



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