europe · trip

Shopping day

Today i went shopping with my aunt, minday is her birthday, so we shop for that day. Sooo many ingredients we bought such as meat, chicken, prawn, etc i dont remember much. But its sooo heavy. Thankfully i am strong enough to handle it hahaha… But theres a situation at the metro trwin. I feeeel.. Omg im soooo embarased by it. It hurt a little afterwards but my prides the one thats hurt.



And we also went to this marrocan store, where they sold cheaper goods, theres a weird stuff they sold at the dept store.


Oh my aunt bought me a boots. Love it soooo much. Really2 cool…


And she also bought me a bread at HEMA. And a chocolate cake


Thats ours, and bellow is mine


And also we do a late night shopping at a departement store near my aunt place. Theres an automat machine to shorten our time at the cashier



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