My aunt birthday

Today’s my aunt birthday. Omg sooo tired hahaha… But it was fun. A lot of her friends coming. And all of them are very kind person.




I dont remember how many people came. But a looot of them are here not to mention my cousin. Shes a cool person. But we need time to know each other more. But shes soooo busy, working, studying, shes takin 2 major at once. Studying here is sooo damn expensive -_-.

Btw i already bought the bus ticket. Only 1 problem left. I dunno where to print here. Damn it uhahaha… We will see and work something out.

Anyway, i think shes mad that i told dad abt shes paying me stuff… XD

Owh well thats my… 5th day, i guess… I hope everything works well. We will go to vollendam tmrw 🙂 fingers crossed 😉


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