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Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Edam, Marken

Today i visited 4 beautiful places in netherland: Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Edam, Marken.

Zaanse Schans
Here we do cheese tasting, saw a classic shoe of netherland being made named clog btw. And saw a whirlwind, the signature of Netherland. The view are stunning, the cheese all delicious, except for one cheese, its a little bit sour and tasted weird.



Here, people ussually take a picture wears a traditional dress for netherland i dunno what its called, but when i google the name was Volendamse klederdracht. We also can go across to an island thats made purposely in the middle of the sea called Marken. Which we visited unporposely on our way back. Actually You can take a boat ride across for 9.50 with 0.50 tax added to go back and forth from volendam to market and back. But i didnt take the ride cuz its too cold to ride on top of a boat at this condition. So we just went around volendam and eat some seafood. I saw a lot of asian tourist here…



We knew this place from lenny, my aunt friends from the church. Supposed to be a country that produces edam cheese. But we didnt find the place that produces it, so we just walk around the place. It was a very beautiful village and so good to walk around to. I dunno how to reach it by public transportation though



This is the place that i told you earlier that we can come across from volendam. Its sooo quite. We meet a fellow indonesian there. And chat a little with them. Here we saw a huge clog market, but this one i think was create more modern clog. It was very well build, a normal clog will cost you 49.95€. It has a very cute shape of house. They has a harbour and a souvenir shop, actually theres more, but we didnt pay any attention tobthe brochure they gave us, so we kinda miss a little bit, like tye church and cheese museum. Very beatiful village.


And for dinner we ate at KFC.


And thats the end of our trip 9.00 we arrived at my aunts house.

Oh yeah if you are asian do wears thick clothes and when you came here on fall dont forget to bring an umbrella or a rain coat will be much better.

Time to rest…


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