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Today me, my aunt, my uncle and my aunts friend elly went to a train trip to valkenburg. At first we walked through the city, we find a cave, but its closed for the day. And then we went around to find a ruined castle but we cant find the entrance, and then we found a shuttle bus that can drove us around the city, we take that bus, the cost a a city trip was 5euro and they will show us around. Whats bad is the recorded guide is in deutch not in enhlish, so i cant understand any words they said. But my aunt, uncle and elly translate it for me.

After we finished the city trip we went to this cool castle ruins of volkenburg. The entrance cost is 4.5 euro. The castle has a very great view especially from the top.

After the castle we went for dinner. We have this menu called halves haans. Means half chicken which has a very large portion… And it cost us 6.25€.








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