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Meeting an old friend and lunch, dinner and coffee shop

Today i yeard that a friend of mine, also a friend of my brother is in amsterdam… He is here for work and travelling, so we decide to meet at this bookshop called photoq bookshop. I got lost for like an hour omg, felt soo stupid right now. But in the end i meet him and we chat a looot… He is change a little bit from what i remember. But in a good way. We chatted a lot. And suddenly i said i wanna try to smoke weed. This is amsterdam after all… So we tried. Stupid thing i’ve done, i sip tooo many too much ahahaha in the end i got whitey, damn… I throw up, i got dizzy and things got bad start from there. Luckily he is a very nice person, of course he is my friend… So he waited there until i felt better. I felt sorry cuz i took his vacation time when he can do soo much than just sitting there waiting for me. In the end he decided that i have to call my aunt and asked her to pick me up. And thats what i did. Sooo it was pretty stupid and pretty weird experience. But i had fun. Im in amsterdam and i tried to live like one…sit in a coffee shop seeing people come and go, chat, eating turkish kebab xD

Thanks to him i experience a different side of amsterdam… And thats for today 🙂


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