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Aunts birthday party

Today is my aunt birthday party and my last night in amsterdam before i went for a long trip around europe. Wow my baggage is holding me back… 25 ppl total come to my aunts place and a looot of preparation to be done.

Things are got pretty messy after the situation yesterday hahaha i didnt have a time to help my aunt, i didnt woke up on time, but it went well… A great party even…

A little sad cuz i will leave them tmrw. Buy hey, life goes on. I will be back in a month. So we will see what the world will give me… So excited but scared at the same time…. Gonna be my first solo trip sooo… Anyway.. Thats all for today, cuz i gotta go to sleeeeep 🙂

Owh yeaah i dunno if i can get any dataplan after this, soo we will see…


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