Senden, Ulm, konstanz, castles and octfest

Okeey. After i havent update the blog for a while. Now that im in the hostel. Alone and dont want to go out to socialize, i have time to update the blog.

It was a full weekend. I love germany. Well in this case south germany. Thanks to onur who takes me here and there i find the best part of germany in his home town.

Lets start with 29, after mela’s birthday party, we went to ulm in the next morning, we went home 4 or 5 am in the morning, and then woke up around 10am. Prepare for senden/ulm trip. Ismail (onurs dad name) was very kind to me. As i mentioned to you before, he just warm like santa, he has that warmth inside him… So it takes us probably 2 hours if we didnt stop, but we stop for eating, so we arrived at senden around 5 i think, and then he showed me the pics of onur and efe eheb they were small. Sooo cutee :). He also shares his travelpic and he wejt to indonesia also. So it was great…

Monday, 30 we went to the hospital to check up onurs moms uncle, i know it sounds complicated, but it is what it is hahaha… Afterwards we went to this church in ulm, a very beautiful castle i might say, onur says it was the tallest church in europe, or the world i forgot. After seeing that church. Other church just look not so good anymore xD


1 – senden
Trying to go to the castles, but the car went down, so we just play around the neighbourhood, ismail was soo kind, he showed me a deer den, a dobkey *my first donkey* and eat berries, apple, and walnut my first time eating it from the tree and it was greaaat 🙂

2 – konstanz
There was a biggest lake in the world if im not wrong, and there i met carolina. And have my first bingo with onur and caro



3 – castles


4 – oct fest
I went drunk. And too drunk i might say. But it was fun. Altho i pucked in the end


5 – ulm
The church and hang out in the coffee shop



6 – just relax at home and visit ismail friend at his new restaurant called latino


7 today, i went to.prague by train to munich and then bus to prague. It was a very long journey. But it was fun 😉



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