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Day 2 at prague and off to vienna

Kinda tired and i have to go to bed early for tommorow, so im gonna update a little abt yesterday and today 🙂 ita gonna be a quick updates

So yesterday 9 oct i went to petrin tower as suggested by my friend and everything there was great… It has everything u want if you love, gardening, sight seeing, nature, statues, rose garden! And the eiffel tower replicas. And also the old town. I missed the skeleton church tour, because i went here and there hahaha…but the hell it was great.





The hostel was great. Its everything u coukd evwr wanted from a hostel. And there i met james and yat. Actually theres another australian also named james and i forgot the other girl name -_- they was cool. The new guys from irish a little bit weird daniel and decker?

But i am here now at vienna, tmrw will move to feldkirch tho. Gonna start my day really erlarly tmrw. Gotta wake up at 7 go on 8 or earlier, and then catch a train to feldkirch. I googled it. And i think its a great city. Perhaps will spent more than 2 days there. Looks like my italy plan might had a change of plan hahah… Anyway the bus was great. It has wifi, it has plug, entertainement system. Its everything you could ever wanted for travelling and gadget user xD

The hostel r oke. Not as great as elf. But its good. Just a little bit too far away from the city. Im used to this place transportation now 🙂 ao its easier for me to go here and there. Plus the city map they have, greaaat one!!!

It has beautiful night view of austria. But its too far. And the room doesnt have wifi -_- which cause the minus part. Just a lot different from elf which was the greatest 🙂 it will cost u 19€ per night. Which is more expensive than elf 270cz per night.




I have the austria one also 🙂 definetely gonna use this for tmrw.

Okaay thats all.. Gonna hit the bed now 🙂


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