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Arrived in verona around 1pm 23 oct 2013. I think the total from venice is only 1.30 hours, but because of all the stop that the train does, the trip in total is 1.50 hours. Sooo thats the first time i arrived soo early at noon in a place. Since austria i always woke up at 7 the latest. And since venice everywhere seems so close. I think for paris probably gonna be expensive again.

So i received this map from the hotel. It was a great map, and the receptionist also give me suggestion for the itineraries. So its perfect. The room is not open yet since its gonna be open at 0500. So i have nothing else to do except doing a stroll around the city, she said that the city can be checked even without a verona card. Which i bought eventually because i wanna go inside this church that looks so great from the outside, so i just have to go inside and paid for 2 days verona card which cost me 15€.

Its a little sucks because the castle near the hostel is under renovation, so i cant get a good picture out of it. And then i took the wrong path and instead of seeing the stadium i getting into the city. But i think its okay because i will walk there again the next day.

So i enter the bridge, crossing the river that seperate the country. Its beautiful. Somehow verona stunned me. But i think the whole italy was great. And man they dont play around when it comes to churches, you should check out those churches, even though your not a christian. Its a work of art, they have a very big churches. I think when you are in italy, churches are the best for sightseeing. And i think the best way to enjoy verona is to get lost. And the perfect stay for verona will be 3 days the max.

As for the pictures i upload the first and second day at the same time. Because i think it summarize everything.

OMG my feet is killing me. I never walked so much in my life. And this mid day arrival trip although i think its a good idea at first, started to make me rethink. But its good to arrived in the noon instead of night. Or like prague. Sooo late at night.

Well the hostel also a great place to be with. I will update the hostel place asap.



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