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I stayed in milan for 2 night. I think. Im not a gan of milan after day 2 ha3… I love the church. Its just that i hate how things r going. Me and milan just dont click i think ha3

So heres the pics from milan



The hostel’s sucks, they only has 1 socket inside the room. It was hostel milan i think. The only hostel that i booked in advanced. So overall it sucks. Just because of the plugs xD

I mean if you r on travelling at least u need your camera charged. And i cant do it…. Altho they have this entertainment room thats quite ok to charge ur phone. And oh yeah i visited san siro. The football field from milan fc. I almost forgot abt that one xD

Milan for me was forgetable.. Sooo… I shouldve update my blog right away 😦

But its stunning on my first day though. The cathedral are big and beautiful. I spent half day inside the cathedral and galeria




And then i went to torino the next morning -_-


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