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Torino, cuneo

Finally, my dream city. I saved the best for last, this is home for juventus fc. If you love football. I think u will know one,of italy biggest football team… The day that i always waiting for…

The day when my dreams comes true…
So i went to torino hostel. Its a little bit far, but considering the price i will go there. Anyway. I rent a room there. It cost me 30€ per night. But i got private room and breakfast so i think its good ha3…but they only has wifi on the lowest floor. The lobby. So thats the nad part of it

But here i realised that the bus its not good. Its slow and un punctual. I hate it 😦

I went around and got lost tryin to go to juve stadium xD

But then i decided to go to the center cuz its late. I went by trem. Actually its not that far, and i can walk. I realised that in the next morning. N then i bought a steamed/boiled walnut cuz i am starving -_- and its actually good xD


But i wanna get real food. So i went to mcD *nooooo* the lines were crazy, i hate it xD but its ok…

I went to juve stadium on the next,morning and it was sunday. Its sooo crowded cuz they had a match at 3 pm. So i went to the shop, went to the museum. And of course the stadium… Its greaaat. Its mote than great. I wanna burst into tears xD cuz i am soo happy…




And on monday i went to cuneo. A small city who appeared to be the 3rd biggest province in italy

And its very beautiful. Although the weather its not that good. I hope i can go there again one day.

Most of the pics in my camera, so i will updaye this post after i went back to indonesia

My plan was leaving to paris on the next day, but cuz of my clumsyness i dont have a transportation to go there. So i took the night bus. Which i planned to do at first time i planned to go on a backpacking trip.







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