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The rest of paris.

I went to get my aunt n uncle from the station. And its quite far. I went there after i went to liberty statue in france, eiffel tower, crossing bridge, grab some crepes, saw the military building. Around 5 pm i start walking towards the station. Which were at the end of m8 lines i think. Its very far away. After i got them. We went to eat kebab near my hostel which i wanna try since i saw it, near st. Christopher inn (my hostel) and the price range is aroubd 5-8€.

After that i went to bed. And talked to my dorm mate. Cuz i have to move hostel the next day. Im sooo pissed…

So the the day, i planned a trip to eiffel tower *again* and then walk along riverside. But what happen is. I went to eiffek tower, and then they wanna go up. But its toooo crowded. So we left, then we went to arc de triomphe from champ elysses, and unpurposely found a famous place to eat macaroon, so we waited at the queueing, for like an hour or so, only to get the macarons, the place was beautiful btw, will update the name later on xD but its in my pic.

So after that, we walk along the road till we reachef arc the triomphe, but we didnt go closer, we just watched from afar since we all already been there. So they wanna check out this chinatown from paris. And to tell u the truth it is sounds interesting. Cuz i never trued to searched for china town in every country that i visited. Which i think will be part of my mission since now. So china town, churches, and castles xD

But along the way i notice that we went through thr lines for sacre cheur, so i think why dont we went there. I actually wanna checked out montmatre, but didbt have a lot of time since i got my aunt n uncle there. And she always asked whats there, and i dont think they knew moulin rouge sooo…

Well continue to chinatown. She went shopping, of course how can i didnt see that coming, so we r basically just went shopping and eating. Jeeezz… After that we went back home…oh i forgot we went to eiffel tower, again, to checked on it… I think they fallin love with it -_-

But we failed to go up, cuz apparently she suddenly realised that we still have our luggage inside the locker, which i already told them when we went for dinner….

My day just getting “better” and “better” they didnt like the room. I exploded and mad at them. Im tired of walking and all they do just complained….





So the next day, i tried to planned somethin and stick to it. And it worked. We went to petit palais, and grand palais, but damned its overcrowded, at least for the grand palace. And when i saw theres no queueing at the other one. We just went there. She didnt even looked the half of the castle xD but whatev…. I need to movin out. We r too long… After that we went to des invalides, which has bapoleons tomb. But we have to pay. And i dont feel like it… So we went to notredame, yess finally, but we went there by foot. So we waljed along the riverside. I saw d’orsay, National assembly, louvre from the other riverside. And everything is perfect. I loved the walking part.

And notredame was beautiful… From the inside… I wished we go there first. And the we went back to the hostel to get stuff… And went to an asian restaurant. Its a good restaurant just right next to crimée station. The one across the st christopher canals inn.

We find a lot of beautiful buildings a long the way. Just like what i ussually do when im alone. And the end of the day. We have to see eiffel tower one more time before we left. Omg. I grew hartred over that tower. But i love paris at night. I wished i can go here again and do the nightwalking along the river everywhere. Ah on my list again…




So the next day was successful. And i just noticed that my hostel has a wonderfull view from the canal


And the next day we went back to amsterdam….
A very wonderful weather, i also has a courage to tell my aunt that i wanna sit by myself xD




A perfect sunrise in brussels or i might said belgium. And i saw this beautiful church along the way…


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