im back, im cooler and im in a mood for blog xD

It’s been a while since my last blog here… partly was because i dont really remember making this one it was a very old account with a very old email address also. i even forgot the email existed.

here i am 6 years later well kinda, its 5 years ago for my last post i guess… i just broke up, starting a new life, trying a lot of different thing in life. a new chapter of my life just bloomed, and now when im almost settled, i thought about this blog, and been trying to get it back since friday? or perhaps thursday? i cant remember, its a very long process and i almost give up.

got my travel blog at the other address and some stuffs got scattered everywhere, its like my life, un organized hahah… now im trying to take over my life. wish me luck, hopefully this is not my last post.



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