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koi watercolor first impression

Today my order of koi water colors pocket field sketch box arrived. Im so happy, i’ve been waiting for this set since i bought them on sunday. so i try it out right away. and here is how it looks.

i read several review and decided to purchase this one compared to winsor refillable pallete, basically because koi watercolor said to have more solid color on paper meanwhile winsor one is more sheer. so it depends on your preference…

Here are the color swatches, sorry i didnt swatch it according to the palette :

the 12 color one is soo tiny that it fits in my *also* tiny hand, so if you are someone who likes to be practical and dont like to bring bulk items u might gonna go to the 12colors one. but if u prefer to have complete colors. buy either 30 or 24.

although i love to draw my drawing is not that good. but here are some of my drawing using the koi watercolor for ur preference. notes: i didnt use a watercolor paper for this 😦 i only use my sketchbooks so it breaks out easier.

this is right after the drawing and its still wet.

here is the result when its dried:

and this one was drawn with pencil first, traced by stabilo pen. colored using the koi watercolors

there you go. my first day impression about koi water colors pocket field sketch box. 

leave a comment bellow if you have any question about this watercolor pallete.




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