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Pentel Arts water colours

Was near the book store by the time i have to go home, and i just drop by to buy some watercolours… was abt to buy a cheap one because it is only for a hobby, then i was like, “why dont i buy a bigger tube”, that continues into something like, “well i can buy an okey quality one”, and i finally pick the pentel arts water colours 12 vivid colour tubes.

most of the color i have it already on my koi watercolor set. but a tube one is a tube one. With tube watercolor, u can use it as it is, without mixing it with water. and it becomes more solid than if i mix them. which are hard to do with pallete watercolor.

here is how they look, and they come with a free technical pencil *yeaaay, i dont have to buy one*, oh and i also bought that giotto decor textile and the mixing pallete:

closer look and color names:

this are how they look wet:

and here are when they are dried:

they are easy to mix, even without water they are fun to apply, well perhaps a tiny water will help, not ruining my paper as much, perhaps because i use less water. and here is how i apply for drawing, sorry i went overboard with the color, then i tried to fix it, but i failed 😦

if u have some questions, feel free to write me comments bellow 🙂




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