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Giotto Decor Textile first impression

Today i got a courage to create the tshirt thats always on my mind. i have this idea about the shirt that i will use for my country anniversary this week.

Anyway here are my first impressiom for this permanent textile marker, what i noticed the most was it makes my shirt a bit clumpy, well its a 20s cotton comb tshirt. that i think should be in a proper quality judging by the price i paid. And it does blend easily as i use gradation for my design, which i enjoyed using. but the black marker when i used it for outline, the color bleed. I don’t know whether i dont use it properly, because its fabric, or what. but this was my first time drawing on a fabric. so i have less experience to comment about the quality. 

i will use it more though. and i might gonna buy a permanent ink one instead. should be better for coloring and blending… anyway here are the steps and you can see how the black marker bleed. although i kinda like the final outline result.

after coloring

and here is the final result after ironing 🙂 im adding a little heart at the bottom part

oh the grey on the flag was made with pentel textile permanent crayon shown at the first picture.

leave me a comment bellow if you have any question 🙂




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