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Indonesia Independence day

this year, somehow our independence day have a different meaning in my eyes. i was waiting for it more than ever, so excited. i was impatient for it to come. and i felt so happy seeing all of those red and white flag was put into each and every house, i have this nostalgic feeling in my heart, i once love celebrating my country independence day. its been a while since i was excited about the independence race. and today i was curious again… 

not too many race that i watched, in fact only the one in front of my parent’s house and on the way to fx mall.

here are the picture from my parent’s:

and in the afternoon i was going to this indepence concert, an event created by net. tv. i think this is the best national channel so far. a lot of variation and creative shows. 

i didnt take my camera with me. just my phone, so yeah i kinda quitr satisfied with the results…

thats all from me.

happy anniversary month Indonesia,



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