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ToskaNatura an organic online store

its been a while since im trying to use organic stuff for my daily life.  Perhaps it was a year ago, first time i started it,  will talk about the details in my other post.  and now im a fan of this online shop called ToskaNatura. first time i tried it was just a few items,  a soap,  a solid perfume and 1 dry shampoo:

i will make a quick review on this one : 

  • rose bonquet dry shampoo,  this one is a life safers , although i know i can use just a normal baby powder , i decided to try this dry shampoo,  basically its the same results as the baby powder,  only the smell is better hehe.
  • scrub soap bar,  i think its coffee or something,  this one is nice.  the smell is very herbal-like,  my dad didn’t quite like it,  so if you dont like herbal smell dont buy it. me personaly i love them so i have no problem on this one,  plus it makes my skin sooo soft. Trust me,  if u have that area that’s a bit rough,  try to use this one. 
  • the solid perfume,  tbh i dont really like the smell of this one.  its okey but not my favourite so far. 

after that a rose water, and 2 bar of organic soap:

  • rose water,  perfect, i love it,  even the spray bottle i love,  the smell is great, i love the refreshing feelings after i spray it all over my face.  its almost done now 😢. might gonna restock. 
  • green tea bar soap,  this soap is nice,  i feel like it mosturized my skin,  not too much,  but enough,  it has a nice smell on it also. 
  • cucumber aloe vera soap, look at the shape,  the printing it has,  this is the first soap that i think is very beautiful. this one doesnt have plenty of smell but its very nice to use. I dont want to use it to be honest,  but i dont have much choice haha… 

third batch was a bunch of organic soap:

  • bulgarian yogurt soap, the one with the purple flowers and branch on it,  consist of saponified oils and fresh bulgaria yogurt,  my favourite so far,  i love the scent it has and i love how this products mosturized my skin a lot.  i feel that my skin is very soft and supple. will definetely repurchased,  by the time i used them all hahaha.. 
  • goats milk oatmeal,  consist of saponified oils,  fresh goat milk,  ground oatmeal.  will do update on this one later. 
  • poppy seed soap,  this one smells great,  but i havent try this one out
  • jasmine soap,  its the one with butterflies on it.  omg looks soo lovely and the smell…  omg i cant describe how good it is. 

cant wait to try it out all of this soaps.  im confused on whats next that should try. 

the last batch will be the latest addition to my organic life:

  • kefir mask,  this one is sooo good.  i love it.  i mean i’ve tried kefir mask before and this one is also as good.  i feel that my skin is softer after i used it
  • tiramisu jar of beauty lipbalm, i dont think this lipbalm is fixing my chapped lip,  so far its like other colored lipbalm i owned, it makes the skin peeled.  which is actually good after i thought about it.  it smoothen my lips hahah…  the color added is okey, it gives you a lipgloss shine and mosturized them before it dries and peeled your lips. 
  • rub me scrub me,  scrub lotion,  with licorice extract,  turmeric,  collagen,  virgin coconut oil and apricot seeds,  have a great smell,  in fact i love the smell the most. Im always looking forward in using it. 
  • last but not least,  the multi purpose liquid,  organic virgin coconut oil,  this things smells so great if you love coconut smells and the coconut taste is soo good,  i do admit i ate them,  just because its good for ur body they said. 

so thats all i got from ToskaNatura so far. If you love organic products do give them a visit.  i know i will order again. their instagram account is @toskanatura

enjoy my short review,  ciao, 



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