primark lipstick

when i arrived in amsterdam there was new primark place opens in the madam tussoud square. i think its called damrak street? 

there was a lot of things being sold. and i was wanting to test out their lipstick product. and i found these three lipstick that i think interesting. 2 gloosy lipstick and 1 lipmatte. i havent test it for its quality yet. but i love the colors… and here they are, i know i havent done any update this lately but will do soon. i will go back to indonesia 13th of dec and maybe will start to write again. will summary my trip to budapest and other europe short trip. so prepare fpr some pictures hehe 🙂


update on July 2017, i know i know its been a while. but hey at least i update 🙂

I erase the 04 Kylie by accident. But I will update the picture later, what i know for sure was when i clean this up, omg it is sooo hard. its set, its comfortable and its hard to clean. TBH i havent test this lipstick ever since i came back to Indonesia. now i think i should

bellow is the swatch from 08 Bombshell

and bellow is from 12 Toffee


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