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The Saem Natural Mask Sheet

after i got back from Vietnam, again my skin becomes more dry and darker. i dont use my skin care as maximum as when i am at home. so when i arrived i always try to fix it with either masker or extra skin care. so this time im using the Saem Natural Mask Sheet in Pomegranate and Lemon. its only 2 mask, but i can feel that my skin is brighter and mosturized, because i used my other skin care as well during the time i used this. But an intensive skin care regimen is what you need to do to revive your skin and masker is one of the step. 

my darkest skin, this was taken at night time, before i departed back to Indonesia, i only use BbCream by wardah in this one. 

doesnt look much different in picture maybe. but in real life i can feel the different, plus different lighting and other factor. 

plus for this one i have foundation on for my next post. 
But the mask sheet itself, is thick and full with the essence, if you tried several mask sheet brand you can feel the different between this and other. its more smooth in texture and thicker in feel. thus it will hold in our face longer. And for this masker after you are done, doesnt leave any sticky residue like tha one the face shop has. for me this mask is better than face shop one. but thats just my personal opinion. You are welcome to comment if you have other experience or other recommendation as well. 

hope my article helps somehow. ciao, 



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