Catrice blush Artist Shadow Pallete

after i research and check several time i finally decide to buy this catrice blush artist. but i think i got the wrong shade somehow 😦 the darkest colour makes my skin looks ashy and bad. instead of warm and bronzed. maybe i should buy the bronzer instead. but anyway back to the review. i’ve been using this a couple of times now. and i wasnt impressed by the darkest colour. the lighter color was too light for my brown color skin and the glow just didnt workout. 

its not too pigmented, so its good for people who are still learning how to use blush, you can build it up slowly instead of getting your cheek too red and looked like a clown. 
it doesnt last long, as far as i remembered when i work by the end of my day the color is already gone from my cheek

the plus side once u have your color right, you wont need to worry about getting too much products on you face. but you will need time to build it. i prefer my old maybelline dreamy bouncy blush

hope this help, 

cheers, felzworld. 


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