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Esthetic House Black Monster Pack quick review

hi all, today im gonna give a quick review about this unique mask by Esthetic House named Black Monster Pack. 

Looks like this

and when it dries after 10-15 mins. it makes ur face pulsed. yes i didnt say it wrong, i think because its sucks your face from all over strongly area of your face,  it somehow makes your blood circulation stop and you can feel the blood pulsing. 

at first i dont want to post anything today since im home quite late. but somehow i just need to post it. a short review. but i will continue using it. like what i heard while im reviewing, we need to use this twice a week in order to feel the effect of the mask. so will post again after two weeks -ish haha… will post before after for that one. this i only gonna give you how it looks 

will be updating it in a few weeks 🙂



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