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Return II Skin 5 days Miracle Face Sheet Mask 

Im using a lot of facemask this lately sometimes everyday, because my kind is dull because my lack of skin care routines. and my friend told me about this.

This one was recommended by my friend. but she is actually just got her facial so at that time her skin was regenerating, she said this mask helps her recover. Tbh for me i dont have any problem in my skin except that it looks dull after my vacations. I used to struggle with acne, but after i took care of my skin my face is doing fine. So im hoping this facemasks can do some changes to my dull face. FYI my facetype is oily as far as i know. 

I will try to review one by one and in general as a summary

for hydration: 

  1. pomegranate: breaks my skin, i dont know whether its purging or my skin is too oily for this. but this is not my favourite from this facemask series
  2. lemon,  brightens my skin, I can tell the difference for this one. The next day my face becomes brighter, i didnt say white, but bright. iblook more awake. 
  3. aloevera,  i think this one is the best for hydration, doesnt feel sticky after application and my face feels moist in the morning
  4. collagen, this one doesnt feel any effect on my beside hydrates my skin. 

general review:

  1. the essence on this mask is quite okey. in fact after 20-30 mins i still feel that the mask is not drying on my face. but when I peel the mask off its actually transferred all the essence to my skin and the sheet mask is half dry. this is a bit weird experience for me. 
  2. a very soft sheet mask, maybe because its made out of bamboo,  its a bit different from the usual mask i tried. 
  3. Cons for this one. it has huge size of eye holes, a bit weird. and the face sheet also big especially for my face. I do admit my face is a little bit small, but not that small usually, especially for Asian. 

Okey thats all my review for this one. will i buy it again, maybe the brightening mask after my vacation. but not pomegranate for sure. If your skin is dry i think you will like pomegranate. 


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