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Derma Angel Acne patch Review

This time my face breaking up worse than im normally do. And finally based on my in law review i bought the derma angel acne patch. Im currently trying to put this patch on my acnes today 30th of April 2017. I will give report on how it looks day by day until a result appear. so this is how it looks

please forgive my face texture xp its not the best yes. i grew up as a acne face tomboy. and disnt care much about my face. 

day one look

and bellow are the day 2

as you can see above that one pimple that just try to get its debut yesterday, is gone today. so im very satisfied with the result. after i opened the patch, the inside part looks very oily. 

but this is a new acne that i spotted right away. so i hope this helps you decide, of course i you have plenty of acnes you cant use this patch. but for one or two or maybe 5 you can use this. i used to have a very bad acne all over my place. so i dont think if its that many you can use this method. but now that my face cleared up, i just need to maintain and do something like this anytime i want to have my period and acne comes. 




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