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Catrice Lash Overnight Serum

hi all… today i think the day when i will post a review for this interesting eyelash serum. i dont have before pic thats very obvious. but this was my best pic i can get hope u can see the difference. not too much but its there… 

before pics 

This was my old pics on my maybelline cats eye mascara review on 2011. and below is the recent pic but before i use the lash serum, i tried to sharpen the eye area so u can see my eyelashes

and this one is after a few weeks of usage. 

i put the serum everynight for both eyes and eyebrow. so lets see,  i will keep on trying to use it until its done and do some update post here, here is how the serum looks

and here is the tip, u need to apply it like when u apply eyeliner. around ur lashes. but the way i do it. i put it very near to my eyelashes root. it will have this warm sensation at first. but after a few minutes it will disappeard. at first two days i doubt it and stop using it for a while, then i went to guardian again and the beauticians told me there were people that buy the serum again. so it might be effective. after that i started to use it regularly. and its been 

more than a month actually almost 2 months. i bought it 22nd march 2017 and now its 16th may, so in 4 days it will be 2 months. so will see for another month. if im not running out of it yet. 

what do u girls think? can you see the difference or its all the same? 


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