Absolute New York Make Up Haul

Hi All,,

Welcome back to my blog, today we are gonna see what did i purchased last Friday from Absolute New York Make Up in Grand Indonesia Mall. First time i saw this brand was when i checking out Suhay Salim Video. And I know that i have to have this brand, especially their ICON eye shadow Pallete.

So lets start, First off all since this is a haul i will not do an in depth review about this product, because it will takes time and a lot of images to view and upload (believe me i tried) so I decided to make an individual in depth post for every items later and update the links here.

I didnt bought a lot from them, only 4 essential items for me which are:

  1. Icon Eyeshadow Pallete in exposed, the one and only reason why I was there. this one when you swatch by hand, feels very soft and pigmented, but for me personally, when i applied it with brush it doesnt look as pigmented as if you use your hand for it.
  2. Pure Metal Veil in Candied Rose, this one, very pigmented, very shiny and beautiful. All of the colors are nice. Long lasting. but my last review after 12 hours and im rubbing my eyes a lot its not 😦 but i did rub my eyes a lot
  3. Perfect Fill brow Marker, this one at first i thought its gonna shape my eyebrow a bit better, but i dont think im that skillful, so it turns out to be a big giant flob on my brows. Long lasting, but cannot do a precise and thick brows.
  4. Velvet Lippie in Vampette. This lipstick color can be build or use in a single application. And it looks wonderfull when you apply it for the second time.

A quick swatches

    Thats all readers, wait for my next post about all of the items individually or groups.




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