Absolute New York · Perfect Fill brow Marker · review

Perfect Fill brow Marker By Absolute New York

Hellow my blog reader, 

Thanks for visiting my blog, today’s review is the perfect fill brow maker by Absolute New York Make up. And to be honest i was impressed by other people reviews on this brow pencil. but i dont think i can use it properly since i am a newbie in this make up world. So if you have any tips on how i can maximize this eyebrow pen, let me know 🙂

The package comes with a simple box with 36 hours long lasting appplication, so far i never use eye brow for more than 12hours, but in those 12 hours i can still see that the brow is still looks good on my face. i mean comparing it with my freshly done make up looks.

here is the tip, this what makes me decided to use this eyebrow pen. said that it can draw your brow naturally, but i dont think i can do it properly, you can check on my bellow swatch that i have one big gulp of eyebrow pen that looks like a giant stamp, and other that looks like hair drawing.

So here is my first attempt on using this product alone with before after pic

I let you be the judge but give it sometime you might become an expert in this application hehe…

Will i buy again? maybe no, i prefer my catrice eyebrow pencil or my maybelline eyebrow pencil. okey thata all, hope it helps my fellow newbie decide whether they will buy it or not.



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