Candied Rose · makeup · Pure Metal Veil · review

Pure Metal Veil in Candied Rose

This liquid Eyeshadow is one of the reason why i wanted to try this brand so bad! swatches looks very interesting and this color especially caught my eyes. this beautiful pink shade with metalic shimmer. The price is around 80k in rupiah and around 7usd if im not wrong. Comes in a lot of shades magenta, cooper, gold, etc..

so here is the look when i use it (bear in mind that im not make up artist, i just lovr make up :))

And here is the look when i got home, after 12 hours of working in an aircon room, out for lunch and back to my home again. you barely see the color anymore. but its maybe because inlike to rub my eyes a lot. so if you are like me. i dont think you will like this. 

Will i buy another color? yes! this is beautiful, pigmented, its not that long lasting, but i think its fine. at the end of the day. who care how you look xp unless thats your wedding day. i dont think this is suitable for wedding make up though. 

Okey thats all, i hope i can help you decide whether you need to buy this, whether its worth it or not for its price.




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