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 What to do in Jakarta

Well this is always a question i got from my friends who visit Indonesia. what should u do in Jakarta, whether you are on a business trip here, living,  transit, or maybe stuck hahah… 

here are the list where you can spend your weekends, weekdays, night out, etc

first of all, the free sightseeing and historical places:

  1. Of course, our famous landmark, non other than Monumen Nasional. this 132 metres (433 feets) landmark located at the center of Jakarta, the monument top part is covered with gold foil. you can go to the top by taking elevator at the entrance. or just stay at the bottom and see the history Museum. 
  2. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). If you wanna see varieties of Indonesian cultures, this will be the place that you have to visit. TMII have plenty of miniature Indonesian diverse cultures houses, traditional dresses, music instruments. Science museum, Plane museums, etc and even Snowbay Waterpark.
  3. Istiqlal mosque. this is the biggest mosque in Jakarta, western tourist can enter the place. 
  4. Cathedral. Not as big and grand as the Cathedral in Europe. but this Church is whats left of Netherland colony in Indonesia, you can see the architecture similarities in the builds and designs. 
  5. Fatahillah Museum and Kota Tua square. This is one of the famous and a must see place when you visited Jakarta, here you can find the old building from Netherland colonialism era. inside there is a batik museum where you can learn to do batik by youself. 
  6. Wayang Museum. located at the same place as the old town complex, this place showcased the traditional javanese puppetry displays, scupltures, paintings.
  7. Maritime Museum. Indonesia is an Island country, so here you can find a lot of phinisi boat minature, modern boat, traditional boat.
  8. Sunda Kelapa Harbour. This is also one of Jakarta famous spot of interest. You can find a lot of boat parked here to unload and load their supplies and goods. You can also have a boat ride through the sunset, and go inside one of the boat, of course you need to ask for permission first.
  9. National Museum of Indonesia. 
  10. Museum of fine arts and ceramics. 
  11. Textile Museum. 
  12. Pancasila Museum,  Lubang Buaya. 
  13. Jalan Jaksa. This is the famous street for backpacker, packed with budget hostel and hotel, places also have nearby bars options and place to eat. 

Paid entertainment:

  1. Ancol, Dunia Fantasi, Sea World, Ocean Dream Samudra, Atlantis waterpark, EcoPark, this is the biggest entertainment spot in Jakarta, here you can find beaches, the sea life park, and some waterparks as well, oftenly used for concert performance and running event, this place offers so many different kind of entertainment.
  2. Ragunan Zoo. This is a small zoo in Jakarta, but even though its small it will take the whole day to go around this place itself, sized at 363 acres with primate center, childern’s zoo, sumatrans and white tigers, this is a place that you can visit when you havev time to kill
  3. Waterparks, Jakarta is filled with waterparks, Atlantis located in Ancol, Pondok Indah waterpark, Snowbay waterpark, Waterboom Jakarta, 
  4. Malls, here in Jakarta malls are like trees, or beautiful building in europe, ,they are everywhere, the biggest will be central park, Taman Anggrek, Grand Indonesia, Kelapa Gading. The luxury one will be Pacific Place, Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan. Beside all of those, you can find a lot of other malls in between and most of them are full around the weekend.

Nightlife, Lux Restaurants, Bars:

A big metropolis city is not far from what we all call nightlife, party, bars and luxury restaurants, clubs. depends on the ages of visitor and economic range Jakarta have plenty to offer:

  1. Skye
  2. Cloud
  3. Blue Grass
  4. Immigrants
  5. Dragon Fly
  6. Colloseum
  7. Jenja
  8. BATS
  9. Lucy in the Sky
  10. Illigals
  11. Beer Garden SCBD and Menteng
  12. Liquid exchange
  13. and many more depends on what you search

Surrounding places of interest (day Trip)

  1. Bogor
  2. Bandung
  3. Sentul
  4. Pulau seribu

Surrounding Place of interest but not suitable for daytrip (meaning you should stay the night at least)

  1. Carita and Anyer
  2. Ujung Genteng
  3. Sukabumi
  4. Sawarna
  5. Ujung Kulon

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