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Karados Face Mask Pack Review

hi all,

we are back with face mask review,this time it is Karados Mask Face Mask Pack that i bought in our local drugstore named Guardian. There are plenty of variations, but i only bought 3

  1. Red color – horse oil for moisturizing and nutritions
  2. Blue Color – Birds Nest for moisturizing and anti aging
  3. Yellow Color – Snail Mask for moisturizing and brightening

You won’t be able to see the anti aging or brightening effect in only one usage.but for moisturizing you can felt.what i wore the last which is horse oil holds the most moisture from the series, and it does leave a sticky residue which i dont really like from a moisturizing mask sheet. But your skin will feel good in the morning. overall this mask there were nothing special, but for me, a good mask is the one that doesn’t makes me breaking out.and this masks are not. Will i buy again? maybe no, but it is a good mask for moisturizing your face 🙂 with less than 20k price tags i guess it’s fine to try it. okey thats all today’s update 🙂 ciao, felzworld

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