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Review Masker Cherimoa

Hi all,

Its been a while since the last time I made a review on anything, sorry was a bit off. And now Im back in the mood for writing. and im starting it with Face Mask Review. Lately my face has been acting up, I got pimple and bump anywhere over my face, and after a while even tho I have the face mask for a while i just have the mood to use it as well. This facemask is top notch. I use it in the evening before going to sleep. and lately I’ve been sleeping aroiund 5, yes 5 am, thats why my skin is acting up on me.

And tbh this facemask encourage me to write again. Unfortunately i didnt take any picture when i tried it, because im loosing my writting mood. So today I kick my butt and told myself, get up, its time to wake up lazy ass, and started go type.

This Face Mask has 4 options as far as i know, and you can find it in Guardian drug store, Watsons, I never check whether Century has them or not. and usually the price is 19,900 and they usually have buy 2 get three options, so you only paid around 14,000 idr per facemask.

I took the complete series from google since I bought them seperate time and just put it in my cupboard for a while before using them, so my miracle pimple mask is the tiger and the ghost. the sheet is actually fun because they have tiger, ghost, penguin, ans panda print on it, the serum on the facemask is loaded, you can even put it all over your body (this is how i maximize my face mask usage #lifehacks). Its sticky after you applied them, but feeling mosturized in the morning (I mean when you woke up) and say bye bye to those small pimples. My skin type is normal to oily, more to oily. and it doesnt break me out. feels light on my face and very comfortable to have. I mean obviously you will try to take selfies since its interesting facemask, but i didnt (not a tipical girl i am hahaha).

Will I ever bought the face mask again? hell yes, especially during promotion the buy 2 get 3 promo. let me know what you think please leave a comment bellow if you have or not having the same ezperience as me.


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